A.Tahir Bayrac

tahir bayrac


A.Tahir Bayrac

B.S. Middle East Technical University, 2002
M.S. Middle East Technical University, 2004
Ph.D. Middle East Technical University,


Research Interests

Development of SELEX procedure for selection of aptamers for enzymes using magnetic beads.
Development of reproducible protocol for the selection of anti-cell aptamers.
Development of aptamer based biosensors.
Development of aptamer based carbon nanotube biosensors.
Synthetic biology.
Plant biotechnology.

Membership, Awards, Refereeing

Graduate Advisor of IGEM 2007 Turkey Team (2007)
Secretariat of “National Association of Biotechnology” (2004-2007)
Publication Coordinator of “National Association of Biotechnology” (2002-2004)
Scholarship of National Associate Training Program “ÖYP” (2003-2010)
Conference organizer – Secreteriat 15th National Congress of Biotechnology (2007, Antalya)
Conference organizer – Secreteriat 14th National Congress of Biotechnology (2005, Eskisehir)


Educational Activities

Assistant Coordinator in “Molecular Genetics Laboratory”
Assistant in “Animal Physiology Laboratory”

Professional Skills

Combinatorial biochemistry.
Confocal microscopy.
Surface Plasmon Resonance.
Recombinant DNA techniques including cloning, vector construction, analysis of gene expression etc.
Plant transformation systems (direct DNA uptake, vacuum and Agrobacterium mediated transformation, microprojectile bombardment) and plant tissue culture.
Preparation and Analysis of DNA and RNA (PCR, Southern etc.)
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of proteins by colorimetric methods, 1D and 2D gel electrophoresis, activity staining for determination of SOD isoenzymes.
Physiological and biochemical analysis of plants under stress conditions; determination of chlorophyll contents and PS-II activities, quantification of osmoprotectants under stress conditions (proline).


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Kavas M, Kalemtas G, Akcay UC, Bayrac AT, Ozgur E, Baloglu MC , Ercan O, Yucel M, Oktem HA, Effect of Drought Stress on the Antioxidant Systems of Two Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Cultivars, Stress in Systems Biology, Antwerb, Belgium, 2006.

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